RICKY "The Dragon" STEAMBOAT, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and WWF Inter-continental Heavyweight Champion, appears regularly on television, in print, and in videos. He is recognized by over 20 million U.S. wrestling fans. Ricky Steamboat is the only professional wrestler to have ever held every major championship wrestling belt in the United States, except the WWE World Championship Belt. Ricky has never been granted an opportunity to compete for the WWE World Championship Belt.

Hawaiian born, son of an English father and Japanese mother, Ricky attended Vern Gagne's School of Wrestling in Minneapolis. He has competed professionally for 17 years and has been the 1979 Mid-Atlantic Champion; the 1977 NWA Television Champion; the 1979 Heavyweioght Champion; and the World Tag Team Champion, from 1979-1983. With appearances in 44 states, Japan, Puerto Rico, Australia, the Bahamas and Canada, Ricky is a worldwide star.

Aside from wrestling fame, Ricky held the 1982 Mr. North Carolina Bodybuilding Championship. Eager to share his knowledge, Ricky and his wife, Bonnie, opened Steamboat's Mid-Atlantic Gym in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1984.

Ricky and Bonnie have one son, Ricky Jr., born 7/7/87. After 20 years of marriage, Ricky and Bonnie are now divorced but remain great friends and support Ricky Jr. in his choice to follow in his father's footsteps in professional wrestling.

Ricky, a versatile performer, was a cast member on the "A-Team" and a special guest star on "Sidekicks" (Walt Disney Studios). He has also starred in over 20 wrestling videos. In addition, he is involved in numerous top selling product endorsements.

Sensitive, empathic, and selfless, Ricky visits hospitals, children's centers and other rehabilitative settings. He also participates in annual fund raising events for Muscular Dystrophy and United Cereberal Palsy.

Ricky's popularity as a performer and entertainer helped draw a world record crowd of 93,173 to the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan on March 27th 1987 for Wrestlemania III.

He has natural talent, coupled with genuine enjoyment for the entertainment profession.

Contrary to what you may have seen on the web, Ricky Steamboat is far from ready to retire. He still wrestles in front of audiences all over the world and is always ready for action!
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